hackers are going to get smarter and faster

We are going to miss the days of fame-seeking mass mailers and network worms. The days of love letter, SQL Slammer, and Melissa all crashing millions of systems within hours of being released into the wild. Mass mailers have been replaced by malware that steals credit card information and sells fake antivirus products. Malware has become a successful criminal business worth billions of dollars in play. And Trojans and toolkits like Zeus are tools of the trade. Business is just too good for the cybercriminals. With all these new phones like the droid and smart phones it doesn’t get much better. As devices grow more sophisticated it is inevitable that attackers will key in on mobile devices. We will have to address the challenges by adopting new models, such as security in the cloud, for suitable solutions that will work across multiple platforms and devices. So if network security is your intended program you have to always think two steps ahead and be up for the challenge.