Facebook Security and Privacy Issues


Above I have posted a link to a cyber security article about the security risks and privacy issues people may encounter while using social media websites, such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.. Many individuals that use Facebook feel safe and secure, because they have their profiles set to the privacy setting, which, therefore, they believe that nobody could access any or all of their personal information and data.  However, this is untrue because, whenever a user decides to download an application on Facebook, they are therefore allowing its developers to view all of their access information.  This causes a problem though:  Since it poses several privacy issues, all of Facebook’s users are having all of their information looked at and are now getting targeted based on that information.  Also, people are going to have a false sense of safety while using social networks, when really they are actually facing several security risks without even knowing it.  In my opinion on this topic, individuals using social media websites are being taken advantage of and are now going to be potential victims of cyber security crimes and computer viruses, and I believe that the best thing that people can do to stay protected is to not post any personal information out onto the web that can lead to potential endangerment.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Security and Privacy Issues

  1. Also Facebook is always changing their privacy settings often making settings more difficult to find. At one point, Mark Zuckerberg’s personal photos were exposed to the public due to a change in privacy settings. Read here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1236299/Facebook-founder-removes-personal-photos-profile-revealed-new-privacy-settings.html
    I think this goes to show that even Mark Zuckerberg was caught by the privacy settings. Personally, I think Facebook profiles should be treated as a personal portfolio that you wouldn’t mind showing to your employer or parents. People should assume everything they post is public for the world to see rather than private.

  2. This is a very interesting point that you made, because it just goes to show that, even though you may be believe that what you post online is private, most of the times it really isn’t, and anyone that goes online can actually view all of your information. Also, I think that it is really ironic that even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has had his account exposed and fell a victim to his own security settings. This really defines the idea that people need to be really careful and smart about what they decide to post on Facebook and other social network websites, because you can never really know who is going to have access to all of your personal information, and I totally agree with you that people should never assume that what they post online is going to be private.

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