ATM Skimming

In the world today it’s becoming more and more difficult to trust anyone or anything. Where we once thought surely our banks were safe that isn’t always the case. Not too long ago this was prominently featured in the news. What a criminal would do is mount a fake face plate over the card reader. This was a secondary card reader that would send information wirelessly to them. Usually the people running the scam would be sitting nearby to receive the information on the card number. As you may guess the flaw was that with atm and debit cards there would also be a pin number needed to access an account. To overcome this they would plant a brochure rack or some other such normal thing with a camera. Placing this with a convenient angle to the pin pad they would be able to also collect your pin without you knowing.

The reason this was such a scare was the simple fact that people often trust their banks to the point of being naive. While the ATM’s may be checked it was not often enough to stop people from being tricked. Another contributing factor was the fact that the skimmer while large was not always easily distinguished from the normal face plate and card reader leading people to often overlook it and think nothing was wrong. When you can’t even trust an ATM it becomes alarmingly clear that people need to try and be more aware of their surroundings or risk losing out to these very well done scams.



4 thoughts on “ATM Skimming

  1. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if such things are set up by the banks or if they were put there to spy on people and unless you try to somehow block all visible points every time you enter information, it can easily happen. Which leaves the two options of constant paranoia, or attempt to trust banks to at least recognize when something is different or wrong with their setup but even then it might be too late.

  2. I am glad that someone is testing banks vulnerabilities and make sure they do their job. ATM s have been around for quite some time now and they have their own security problems. But banks have consistently risen their security quality to match the standard of attackers. The laws and technologies around these problems have been reshaped because of these efforts. There will always be bandits and there will always be victims, all we need to do is to keep an eye open.

  3. I agree completely, there is no guarantee that your bank will keep you protected no matter the situation and the best option for each person is to raise their awareness to avoid being scammed or ripped off. Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves instead of simply going about their business and letting “big brother” look out for them.

  4. I also agree, it is the responsibility of the person to be aware of things like that. The bank has a responsibility over the ATM’s, but these days it isn’t safe to assume that they have been checking them.

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