smart phones targeted

Smart phones are now becoming a part of the everyday life for most people, and with that, it can provide cybercriminals with all kinds of information. They could find out the location of the device and all other personal information that is exchanged between people and their smart phones. Not only a cyber criminal, but also the average person that is not quite computer savvy could listen in on another person’s phone call and access personal data.  Smart phones are now a target because it can access a company’s network and most traditional security systems won’t detect a breach from a mobile device. According to the first link, botnet infections have been discovered on 40,000 Android devices over the course of 6 months. Imagine what it would be like a couple years from now. It is most likely that the security of mobile devices will become more advanced, but not enough for a hacker to not get through it.

Just because it doesn’t look like your average computer doesn’t mean it can’t be hacked without you knowing it. Overall, being careful of what important information you store on your smart phone and how it is put to use, is the best way to be safe.