Tenth anniversary of 9/11: how safe are we?

Being that it is the tenth anniversary of September 11th , I thought I’d be appropriate to bring up national security and see how it has progressed since 2001. In this article from Fox News touches on stolen information could hurt the United States. Leon Panetta, secretary of defense, was quoted to have said that our next “Pearl Harbor” could affect our cyber systems. There were already a big red flag on August 14th, 2003 when the “Blaster worm” supposedly contributed to disabling utility companies computers.

The government has to work with outside companies to get the newest technology, that’s inevitable. So, that being said, how safe is our security system government wise? The Chinese air force has a division that specializes in using cyber-attacks to cause trouble for other countries air control systems. How would the United States defend against that if something like that were to happen to an airport on one of the coast lines?

With technology increasing at an exponential rate, it’s impossible to be completely secure on the internet. As it is, identifying where an enemy is in cyberspace is hard, and with the possibility that we as a country are not as secure as we were 10 years ago, is really terrifying.