The Obama Administration and Cyber Security

Up until I entered the classroom for Cyber Self Defense I was never very aware of cyber security and its importance on a scale any larger than that of the average user at his or her home computer. In a blog called Cyber Security News I found out just how important it is in today’s world, as i read about the Obama Administration putting forward the Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal and then the US National Strategy for Cyberspace.

The proposal calls for several IT advancements with the express purposes of protecting “the nation’s critical infrastructure, Federal Government computers and networks, as well as the American people.”  An example of one of these advancements is the Department of Homeland Security putting in place new cybersecurity programs as well as hiring more IT security professionals in order to better understand any of the issues at hand. The US National Strategy for Cyberspace is meant to work on an even larger scale where they intend to work with “like-minded states” to create a standard for securities needed to protect the country while at the same time promoting freedom on the Internet.

I think it might be safe to say, there are wars being waged out there in cyberspace and of course protection is necessary, so these policies are needed as well. Cyber security is of great importance in the present day and now, I am aware.

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