Vulnerabilites of Smart Phones

As technology is pushed to its pinnacle many problems from the security perspective start to arise. Smart phones or if you will mini computers are great examples. The technology for the average end-user is great, it allows for e-mails, word documents and thousands of applications to be shared with an enormous amount of people. What is the problem then you say? Well lets start with the fact that all of these new operating systems are in their baby stages. This means that there could be many vulnerabilities in the system just waiting to be exploited by a malicious hacker. Due to the growth of ways for these phones to connect to the internet through wi-fi and bluetooth networks new attacks will be formulated says a UK think tank. They believe that “man-in-the-middle” style attacks will become a reality, this meaning that a hacker with adequate skills will be able to intercept transmissions between devices and receivers. Another problem with these phones is that they are extremely interactive with each other. This itself is its own vulnerability because if a hacker were to create a virus that infects your phone and then sends it to all your contacts and so on and so forth it would theoretically create a catastrophic meltdown without a patch. Many are and should be afraid that viruses like the Conficker worm will reach smart phones, planting itself, waiting for a command from its owner and possibly stealing much information in the process. Knowing all of this Tony Dyhouse says that ” government investment in cyber crime is also extremely important and it is in the national interest of every country as millions are lost each year through electronic fraud.


4 thoughts on “Vulnerabilites of Smart Phones

  1. Good point. We seem to forget that being connected to the internet via smart phones is still a connection to the internet (and its pitfalls). And the smart phones are so handy that we don’t think of them as computers. One question along the lines of the “government investment” statement: do you think the government should collect some sort of tax for internet use (since the government will be investing to protect it)?

  2. I have a Droid X and to protect that, i have lookout that scans everything for viruses to protect my phone from them; I haven’t had any problems with that so far. Also, on my computer I have multiple virus scans and various software to help protect it, but things do get through. So my question is, do you think that they are being preemptive to protecting phones to keep hackers at bay or what?

  3. I also use lookout for my Droid. I wonder how really effective that is though, because I don’t really do much to compromise my phone as there are possibilities too.

  4. To answer the first question i never really thought about the financial aspect of paying the government but i would have to say that the government has to get the money to create thicker security from somewhere so I’m sure a tax is very likely if not needed. And although you don’t see any problems with your phone at the moment are you sure that its not being controlled to acess other phones without your knowledge? Have you done a virus scan through your phone if any exist? Also to back myself up I would have to say that these are what people think will be the new kinds of attacks created not the types of attacks that already exist.

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