DNS Hack Leaves Hundreds of Thousands Vulnerable

On September forth it was reported that a “number of major sites have suffered as a result of a DNS hack. The DNS hacked either brought down sites or redirected the traffic to  a page set up by the Turkish hackers themselves. Although the hackers didn’t do this hypothetically someone could use this type of hack to redirect users to their own site increasing the number of hits on their site. This could eventually lead to a profit if the person who owns the site had advertisements on it, just a thought for thinking. Back to the article. These site such as ups.com either restored their service rather quickly, or in some cases had to wait up to 72 hours to propagate new settings, this all of course depending on the DNS system itself. “This turkish group broke into korean sites including those of Epson and HSBC, after domain registrar Gabia was hacked exposing over 100,000 domains and an estimated 350,000 users.” This hack although taking much skill also reaps a greater benefit by giving the hackers hundreds of thousands of users that are now vulnerable to further attacks and possible identity theft.


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