Newly Proposed Youth Online Privacy Law

Recently the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has proposed to revise child privacy laws to furthermore protect kids under the age of 13 online. It’s to no surprise that this law revision targets Facebook as more than 7.5 million users under the age of 13 are registered to Facebook. Signing up for Facebook under the age of 13 goes against their Terms of Service however this doesn’t stop anybody from lying about their age. It’s suggested that Facebook may implement age verification requirements but the details on how this would be done is unknown. This law also focuses on privacy of mobile phones- used by children. The proposed law suggests that certain geolocation information can and can’t be collected. It’s to furthermore protect kids from being targeted with more information out in the wild about their whereabouts.

I believe it’s the job of the parent’s to talk to their kids about online and safety and what information they put online. I think too often, kids think that nothing will happen to them. It may also be valuable to be involved with kids’ online activity. Keep their Facebook or other social networking passwords and occasionally ‘check up on them’.

For parents that are concerned about their kids and geolocation data, it’s not a bad idea to disable the GPS feature on their phones as GPS on phones can be a powerful tool for stalkers and child predators.

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4 thoughts on “Newly Proposed Youth Online Privacy Law

  1. I think the idea of passing a youth online privacy law is avery good one, because several younger internet users are unaware of the dangers they may encounter online. Also, on social networking sites such as Facebook, it is very easy for hackers to gain access to some of your information by friend requesting you, and then convincing you that they are someone else than they really are. For example, it is very easy for someone to change their name and identity on Facebook to target young and vulnerable user’s. It is also, important that parents carefully monitor their children’s internet usage to prevent them from becoming victims of cyber attacks.

    • Agreed. Children on Facebook are targets. Laws that would help in preventing kids under the age of 13 from accessing Facebook- would protect them from potential harm. Any suggestions in how Facebook could keep kids under the age of 13 from lying about their age?

  2. The youth online privacy law sounds like a great way to protect children from the wrath of online attackers. However, in this digital age where using a computer means not physically coming face to face with your “friends” trouble is never too far away. Age verification certainly seems like the best way to protect against this but at the same time I’m not sure how one might go about it without the possibility of people creating fake identities.

    • Yeah, there isn’t any real easy way to do age verification. If they did implement another identity verification step it would most likely just be another annoyance for people who are ‘of age’ to sign up for the service.

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