Robin Sage robin’ info

As many of us are aware, the social media conglomerate is a security nightmare. Even if your profile is set to private you’re still sharing info with dozens, if not hundreds, of “friends”. Robin Sage is a fictional persona created in various social networking websites by a white hat hacker. Under this profile, many government and corporation personnel with access to sensitive information were befriended. Of course it’s not difficult to do if you’re befriending a professional troll disguised as a  hot chick.

It’s easy to get caught up in technicalities of a network or the vulnerabilities of software, but sometimes the most dangerous security threats are the most trivial ones. “Robin” managed to extract confidential and private information from her willing acquaintances. Thomas Ryan, the creator of the fictional persona, concluded that “his findings could have compromised national security if a terrorist organization had employed similar tactics.”


One thought on “Robin Sage robin’ info

  1. I believe users of social media has not been able to acquire a common sense on the subjects regarding threat to individual privacy. It is sad to see that people give permission to others to acquire information solely on little information not knowing it is true or not. There has always been a trend to click on pop up pictures on web browser that offers things too good to be true and this trend seems like an endless source that will never be depleted.

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