Top 3 Craziest Attacks of Anonymous

Anonymous has been pretty popular on technology sphere due to their attacks and they keep attacking more and more every day. The entity who does not want to be counted as a group since they call themselves a unity of hackers. They first came together in order to stop the Scientology cult and publish the truth about them.

The unity fights for freedom and they have been stealing big chunks of data from certain security companies, web sites, technology firms and even countries. In this article I have found top three craziest attacks of Anonymous.

1. Operation Payback

Date: December 2010
Target: Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, PayPal, PostFinance

Government of United States, suggested WikiLeaks to stop publishing secret documents and closed accounts and servers of WikiLeaks  that were in favor of WikiLeaks. Thus Anonymous started attacks on several companies such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal that did not want to work with WikiLeaks. On December 8th Anonymous has hacked websites of Visa and Mastercard.


2. Bank of America

Date 14 2011
Target: Bank of America
Anonymous aimed to reveal unjust practices of Bank of America on mortgage and leaked internal e-mails of Bank of America.


3.Operation: Sony

Date: April 02 2011
Target: Sony Entertainment

Constant attacks on Sony’s web site and services , have started on second of April. Anonymous has shaped the history by totally hacking PlayStation Network, their reason for hacking PlayStation Network was the corporate decision on suing George Holtz who has hacked and made way to modify PlayStation.



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  1. These attacks are intriguing to me. Is so called ‘hacktivism’ a righteous (albeit illegal) form of civil disobedience? Or is it just misguided teenagers attacking corporations? I’ve seen arguments for both sides. But I do believe that hacktivism will become more popular than outright protesting.

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