Amazon cloud earns key FISMA government security accreditation

Amazon has received the FISMA security accreditation from the US General Services Administration. It could help increase its adoption among government agencies. The FISMA Amazon received now is the moderate accreditation, Amazon has previously gotten the low accreditation.

FISMA, the Federal Information Security Management Act, is the fifth major certification or accreditation Amazon has gotten for its Web services business. Amazon has achieved compliance with the SAS 70 Type II auditing standard, the HIPAA health data privacy act, PCI DSS credit card standards, and the ISO 27001 international security standard. The new FISMA certification covers Amazon EC2, Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, the Virtual Private Cloud, and the services’ underlying infrastructure.

FISMA certification had already been obtained by Google for its Apps service and by Microsoft for its cloud infrastructure and its BPOS-Federal service.

Getting these accreditations is good for Amazon and even better for the government. Hopefully they can move more and more of their IT systems to cloud based systems that are easier to bring up and down, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. Overly redundant Data centers seems to be a halmark of government IT, hopefully this and other cloud based systems can alleviate the problem.