Microsoft Security Scam

There has recently been a new cyber security scam that has affected many individuals that has caused many types of fraud and identity theft. For this particular scam, computer hackers would pose as Microsoft Security workers to gain access to peoples personal and private information. The hackers would perform their scam by calling their victims telling them that they have accidentally downloaded a computer virus from Microsoft and then they would offer a free security check to help fix their computer virus. This was when they convinced their victims into thinking that they were getting their computers fixed, which in return would make them more vulnerable to give away valuable information, such as credit card and social security numbers. Also, the computer hackers would then tell their victims to install malware apps that would allow them to be able to gain access to all of their personal information using a scanner to make their computer part of a botnet. Furthermore, several victims to this scam reported that the hackers were also able to gain remote access to their computer. In my opinion, this scam is a prime example that many computer users today are very vulnerable and gullible as they are easily taken advantage of and are convinced to give up valuable information. This just goes to show, that you can never be too trusting of anyone online posing to help you fix your computer. Also, to avoid becoming a victim to online scams such as this one, you should never reveal your credit card information or IP address to anyone over the phone or online until you definitely know that person can be trusted.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Security Scam

  1. Ya, this is just basic computer security. And why anyone would think that Microsoft would contact them personally about a security issue rather then just push an update with Windows Update is beyond me, though slightly understandable for someone who doesn’t care about security. Giving away your personal info and allowing them to install other crap just seems like stupidity.

  2. Yes this is very true, because nowadays most people are very gullible and are not careful while they are using the internet. Also, it is really sad that people are willing to hand over their personal information to random strangers, and that they are willing to trust just about anyone. I believe that some people really need to take computer security more seriously, because if they do not then some day that may become a victim to fraud and identity theft.

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