Turkish Hackers able to hack DNS


Turkish hackers were able to using MySQL injection to access the back-end database of NetNames, a popular nameserver company. MySQL injection is an ever-increasing form of attack that threatens even the largest of companies. In this hack, approximately 186 domains were redirected to a page established by the hackers, including domains owned by UPS and Vodafone.

Many companies are focused on internal security – such as securing their servers and network infrastructure. However, they don’t focus as much as on the security of their nameservers, especially if they are “outsourced”. It’s important for companies to never put all of their eggs in one basket. In my opinion, if you find yourself owning more than five domains, you should split them up among multiple nameservers or domain registrars. No DNS service is immune to hiccups, so it’s important online companies diversify their nameserver providers.











One thought on “Turkish Hackers able to hack DNS

  1. that’s pretty interesting to see that a DNS can be hacked, I never heard of that. It’s pretty sick that someone expecting to visit a website is redirected to another one without even knowing what’s happening.

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