Hackers Breach the Joint Strike Fighter Program

Back in 2009 the pentagon reported that several terabytes of highly sensitive material about the United States Joint Strike Fighter program was breached and stolen from one of their most secure locations. United States officials say the hack originated from “china”. But no one can know for sure because of its ease to mask IP addresses.

“China’s state-run Global Times newspaper responded that Chinese citizens couldn’t have been responsible, because “from a technical point of view, on the global scale hackers in the U.S., Russia, and Israel are at a higher level than those in China.” But our recent reporting on the culture of hacking in China suggests that the Global Times‘s low opinion of its country’s hackers isn’t justified — or at least it won’t be for long. A Pentagon report released when our article was published last month says that China has made “steady progress” in refining new cyberwarfare strategies and techniques. And as our writer Mara Hvistendahl discovered in China, there’s an ever-more-vague distinction between the civilian and military roles of hackers there. Nationalistic young people, responding to a surge of popular esteem for hackers, compete among each other for bragging rights. The Chinese military, meanwhile, sponsors hacker competitions and hand-picks particularly skilled operatives for vaguely defined state-sponsored contracts. Nationalistic civilian hackers, it seems, are just as dangerous to the United States as a centralized military “hacker command”.”

It sounds like that there could be huge issues for the united states. If there is not a strong enough task force to defend  incoming hacks on sensitive material. aka at the pentagon.



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  1. It looks like the Pentagon is addressing this. They have a program called The Defense Industrial Base Cyber-Pilot that allows the military to share what it knows about threats from hackers. The Pentagon started the program this summer (about 2 years after the incident). Although it isn’t a sure-fire cure, it is a step in the right direction. What are your thoughts?

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