Online Gaming Security Uncertain

The article that I read for this weeks blog post involved a security breach that plagued Sony’s Playstation Network. The network was infiltrated and remained infiltrated for several weeks and the information of more than 100 million users was compromised. The attack left the network crippled and offline for several weeks and also affected the streaming of music and video services.

Chief Executive has come to a realization that has become quite easy to see in this technological climate. That is, he can not guarantee the security of the company’s video game network. With the rise in cyber crime and hacking, companies are starting to realize that they are at the mercy of the online attackers when it comes to their security. Although steps are taken to ensure security for many online gaming networks it is virtually impossible to stop a well planned attack.

What makes situations like the one Sony currently finds itself in is that not only is the network in jeopardy but the information of the users is as well. This goes for any online gaming network that uses sensitive information for purchases on that network and things of that nature. When they are confronted with a security problem they have to think about all their users and what it means to them as well. Will people continue to trust these online gaming networks with their sensitive information? We shall see what the trend becomes in these upcoming years.