Defense Contractors Networks Hacked

On September 18th Japans largest defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries discovered at least 8 different pieces of malware on their system. Some of the malware included data stealing trojan horses. Once a hacker places this in the system, a hacker could potential steal a lot of military secrets/weapon designs. After further analysis the company said that information such as computer i.p adresses were stolen, however a Mitsubishi spokes person says that ” there is no possibility of any leakage of defense-related information at this point.”. The company admitted that once the attackers are inside the network it becomes a lot more difficult for them to detect intrusion. In May some U.S defense contractors were hit by cyber attacks as well. It was said that classified information was stolen about a top-secret weapons system.  U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has stated publicly that a foreign intelligence agency had been behind the attacks on defense contractors. All of this pretty much shows us that even a huge military defense contractors network can be compromised, and sensitive information will be leaked if so.