An Expanding Network

We all know that more and more people are becoming networked and connection to the web everyday. We also know that the number of people using a computer or similar device is also increasing. Then it makes perfect sense every time we hear that cyber attacks and threats are increasing as well. I think as long as computers are networked in our society there will always be a percentage of them threatened by cyber attacks. It’s pretty scary when you think that even confidential government websites can be hacked. You would assume they have implemented adequate measures of security, yet they can still be breached. I guess that’s good news for us in the field, however, it’s nerve wrecking for the world as a whole.


One thought on “An Expanding Network

  1. This pattern doesn’t surprise me. There are many examples of when something new becomes common place and part of the culture, then some will try to exploit it for personal gain. Take cars for example. As cars become common, the rate of car accidents and car theft rose higher. But one must also consider that with the Internet, the volume and speed of information exchange has increase, so you become more aware of things that happen in the world.

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