3D Food Printing

It seems like a glimpse of the future, but the thought of printing food is soon becoming a reality. 3-D Printers are being created which generate food from “edible inks” and blueprints. The food printers use multiple different cartridges in which they print line by line to create the desired item. The ink cartridges consist of liquefied food, which is printed through a syringe. The use of 3-D food printers could assist with restaurants, and even home users to create healthier foods with less effort.

Overall I think it is an interesting invention, and it could change the way we cook in the future. I believe that new technology like this could pose some possible security risks. Such as malicious users exploiting the printers, and making the printed food inedible. It could also open more security vulnerabilities once it is used in the common household, or if it is network compatible.

Source: http://futureoftech.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/09/16/7765055-the-wild-possibilities-of-printing-food#comments


5 thoughts on “3D Food Printing

  1. This is an interesting post, because I believe that having a 3D food printer would be a great invention, because then it would just that much easier for people to be able to cook and make more healthier meals. The only thing that i am concerned with about this invention is that the quality and taste in the food being made would probably not be very good and then no one would want to eat any of it. Also, it would be a major problem if the printer was ever hacked into, because then everyone would get sick from it, which could potentially cause several health concerns.

  2. Definitely an interested invention. I feel though if that even did catch on, it would take years. People generally resist change, and that is definitely a major change. I personally don’t think I would want to either, but either way, very interesting article.

  3. The first thing I thought about was the Tylenol incident years ago. The thought that a hacker could do something to make you sick is bad enough…but what if they made the food poisonous?

    Give me a steak on the grill any day!!!

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