Smart phones AND security?!?! Good joke…

Smart phones can do amazing things- access the internet, unlock and turn on cars, manage bank accounts, change who has access to devices such as printers and servers, etc, etc. With all these available tools for smart phones, there has to be great security on them right? Haha, wrong… Smart phones are extremely vulnerable to viruses almost just as much as regular computers; not to mention they generally have no anti-virus scanners on them.

Smart phones are now becoming huge threats to security because of what they can do 400 miles away from the actual target. If a hacker was to gain access to just a simple printer, they could make the printer inaccessible to users or even read what documents were printed. That is just a printer; now imagine what would happen if an admin from a bank lost his smart phone and he had his email and bank account available on his phone… This type of access to devices poses a threat to all companies that allow their employees to enable devices on their smart phones (even though it makes their jobs much easier to manage).

While there is not a huge probability that your phone will get hacked, there is definitely a possibility. The bigger problem is that you will lose your phone. Imagine you did. What’s on your smart phone? Perhaps access to your Facebook account, bank account, your token authenticator to login to websites, your email account, your contacts…?

According to this article, we should all just be careful of what devices we enable smart phones, what websites we visit, and obviously where we leave our phones. Other than that, we can just hope that smart phone vendors improve the security on their phones.

2 thoughts on “Smart phones AND security?!?! Good joke…”

  1. I use my phone for everything including accessing my bank account. We should start thinking of smartphones as computers that need an antivirus. Smartphones are susceptible to more harm than we realize.

  2. Reading this makes me happy to say that I still don’t own a smart phone. Sure I am behind the loop and eventually I will upgrade to a smart phone but for the time being i;ll stick with my envy 2. Hopefully by the time I upgrade smart phones will have smarter security.

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