Anonymous planning a Day of Vengeance on Sept. 24

Anonymous, a hacktivist group has released a statement that they
are planning on having a special “Day of Vengeance” this Saturday
September 24. They did not state what city they were planning to do this in but
most clues point to New York. This is because they stated that they are planning
to have peaceful protests along with cyber-attacks on “various
targets” such as Wall Street, Corrupt Banking Institutions, and the New
York Police Department.

To spread the message Anonymous used a website called, Pastebin,
to post their message out to everyone. Though the police are not worried about
the protestors, Anonymous has been very successful in launching cyber-attacks.
Just last month the group has claimed to have hacked the servers of companies
such as Symantec, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Though Anonymous has kept their organization very secretive, a
number of alleged Anonymous members have been arrested around the world. Even
though there have been arrests, Anonymous has kept a brave face stating that
even though they are arresting some of their members, there are always other
members to take their place.

If you look at the Anonymous slogan it states “We are
everywhere. We are legion. We never forget. We never forgive.” and I guess
we will see how far they take this, this coming up Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Anonymous planning a Day of Vengeance on Sept. 24

  1. I heard about this in the days leading up to it, but haven’t heard anything since. Do you know if they carried out what they were planning?

  2. I’m sorry I forgot to add that to the end of my article, but so far, no information has been released about anything happening during their “Day of Vengeance”. It looks like so far that it was just a message circulated to make some of the agencies that they were targeting on their toes and probably a little afraid due to the history of this group. Even though no information has been release about any plans being successfully accomplished, that is not to stay that they are still working on something, but once again it could have just been a hoax, though with the group Anonymous, you have to kind of take what they say seriously because it is a very serious threat they were making.

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