Be careful, that PDF might be a Mac Trojan

Detected as Trojan-Dropper: OSX/Revir.A, the virus appears to do no actual damage so far and that’s why the researchers believe that whoever made it might have just released it into the wild to see if it’s detected by anti-virus applications. Hiding under a filename with the extension .pdf.exe, it tries to fool the user into believing that it’s an actual pdf. Because in OS X operating systems files are handled differently than in Windows, hackers could assign it any extension or icon they desire, as this information is stored separately in Mac products.

To convince people that it is an actual document, upon execution a real document is opened. Meanwhile, Backdoor:OSX/Imuler.A is downloaded and installed in the background to open a backdoor that will give the attackers further access to the infected system.
The download process is handled by Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Revir.A which makes sure that the rest of the malicious components are placed in strategic locations on the device’s storage unit.

As OS X systems become more popular, cybercriminals try to keep up with the tendencies. These specific threats were easily detected, but if you want to make sure you’ll be properly protected against such attacks, then you should always have an up-to-date virus definition database.


3 thoughts on “Be careful, that PDF might be a Mac Trojan

  1. Cleverly naming files and programs definitely is a huge think with cyber criminals now. So many people are either in a hurry or not paying attention and they get duped.

  2. Sucks for the Mac community. They will eventually be like PC users, haunted and stalked my viruses and phishing attacks. Apple better start building up on their security because they are becoming more and more vulnerable everyday. Users should have some basic education on viruses so they can reduce their risk of becoming susceptible to attacks.

    • People need to be aware as to what they are downloading and opening. Macs are particularly vulnerable because they average user doesn’t know all the ins and outs of their system. They also have a false sense of security. People think Macs are immune to viruses, which is 100% untrue.

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