Dangers of using a single password

Huge portion of users create and use the same password for all of their accounts. What is the issue with such a practice? The main problem is when that single password is compromised, leading the attackers to easily infiltrate all of your other accounts which all use that same password.

A clear lesson should be learned from the Trapster incident where hackers where able to break into the websites database and compromised the e-mails and passwords of many users causing a wave of breaches across other social networks.

“Trapster’s gaffe comes a little more than a month after hackers rooted Gawker Media servers and made off with some 1.5 million user passwords and corresponding email addresses. After a file containing the booty was posted online, many users of Twitter, Facebook, and other popular websites reported a spike in account breaches, indicating the sad fact that some folks can’t be bothered to use a unique password for different sites.” – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/01/21/trapster_website_hack/

Users should find alternative methods to creating and managing their passwords such as using software tools like “Wallet” and “1Password”. Tools like these enable users to generate unique secure passwords for each service they use and manage them all across their devices by using one master password. The web is getting bigger and our involvement within it keeps getting deeper and deeper, which makes us more vulnerable. Its time to take steps to protect ourselves from these kinds of problems once and for all.


3 thoughts on “Dangers of using a single password

  1. Truthfully this is what i used to do when i was younger, however i found out very quickly when an account of mine became compromised. The use of one username and password for all is very risky business and if someone does choose to do this the best of luck to them in today’s world where everyone and their mother knows something about computers and many of them know how to get your information. So once they have a game account of yours now they also have your bank account and everything else valuable to you.

  2. I totally agree with you that having a “master password” is kind of a dumb idea. Especially if that master password only has letters in it and is quiet short. Each thing you do online needs a different level of security and that is why you should use a couple different passwords for your online presence. Even you login for your computer should be different from the things you do online. Also by doing this if one of your passwords gets compromised all of the others don’t and them you just have to worry about the one that did. But if you are using only one password you should at least make sure you are using letters, numbers, and symbols to make sure that it is safe and secure.

  3. I still do it its just easier to remember and not have to worry about forgetting my password. I mean if you don’t tell anyone your password to begin with whats the harm?

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