iPhone, Android owners worry about security, don’t know what to do.

According to recent data by the NPD group, users of both platforms are worried about having their credit card info stolen, device theft, hackers accessing personal information, harmful apps, and unwanted location tracking. Few do anything more then worry though.

Android users showed more concern than iPhone users, but in general both had the same percentages of worry in all categories. NPD expressed concern, however, in the low number of users who had taken any kind of security measures—the firm said that more than 25 percent of all smartphone owners (35 percent of iPhone owners) had no idea how to acquire any kind of security software for their devices. And among those who did know but still had no security products installed, one quarter said they were too expensive.

“Consumers are both unaware of security for their phones and reluctant to pay for it when they are aware,” NPD’s Stephen Baker said in a statement.

This is one area where Android users—the ones who know how to obtain security software—are much more conscientious than iPhone owners. NPD says 30 percent of Android users have some kind of security product installed, compared to only 6 percent of iPhone owners.

This problem seems like a problem of user education, since most phones in the past were controlled by telecom companies and the manufacturers they never had to worry about virus’s or people stealing their personal information. Now threats are beginning to emerge and no one knows what to get or who to trust.  Apple and Google should advise people on best practices for their devices.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/09/iphone-android-users-worry-about-security-but-dont-know-what-to-do.ars




3 thoughts on “iPhone, Android owners worry about security, don’t know what to do.

  1. I agree that Google and Apple should educate their consumers better…but they won’t. At least not until the word gets out and security starts to effect sales. Then at that point they will just make a few adjustments and raise the price of the new “secure” phone. When that fails maybe they will sell you an app. Let’s face it, smart phones are awesome, but security is not an issue for the manufacturers/software writers just yet. Use at your own risk.

  2. I think Android has more security issue than Iphone because it’s open source software, which means anyone can develop an app for it and most people like to download different kinds of applications in their phone as long as it’s free. Unlike Google, Apple has a approval process to let people upload their application to the App store. So they make sure about each app in their phone before they publish it.

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