iPhone Security Threat

Nowadays, more and more information is being stored on smartphones such as contact details and often emails that contain sensitive information. I predict an upward trend in the number of mobile phone attacks in the next couple years because of the amount of data that is stored on mobile phones. Recently a security vulnerability was found in a iPhone application- Skype. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to steal address book information off an iPhone which could potentially be disastrous. The attack would be administered by a cross-site scripting vulnerability which exists in Skype’s chat window.

CNET discusses the vulnerability here- http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/xss-bug-in-skype-for-iphone-ipad-allows-address-book-theft/9426?tag=mantle_skin;content

To add to the issue of security flaws around smartphones physical security is also an issue. Stolen, lost, or un-password protected- leaves any information on the phone exposed to a potential thief. A possible solution would be to encrypt your personal mobile phone. Most smartphones have the option to do this for an extra layer of security. Also for basic security adding a password to the phone keeps unwanted people from going through your phone. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think mobile security is an important issue?


2 thoughts on “iPhone Security Threat

  1. Mobile security is definitely important in this day and age, especially with all that phones are able to accomplish now. Phones today are used for things like email, navigation, and shopping, so they contain more information than just other phone numbers. If a person lost their phone someone could find where they live, their bank information, as well as information on their friends and family.

    • Agreed. Especially on the topic of a lost phone- if a phone is lost, risk of revealing confidential information is at risk. Thankfully, Apple offers users to remotely wipe its portable devices (iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches). Also they have remote locating services that can track where your device is.

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