US government looks to form cybersecurity code of conduct

With all the recent botnet attacks organizations are looking to find ways to combat these attacks and create a unified guideline for ISP’s to follow. The national institute of standards and technology has published a request for information to help create a voluntary code of conduct that would include internet as well as IT companies and would provide “best practices” for these companies.

As of now suggestions are still being collected and will continue until November 4th. It has been said however that NIST is considering two models which were used overseas. These programs are Australia’s iCode program and Japans Cyber clean center. While these programs are meant to help prevent attacks as well as provide immediate action after attacks take place, they do provide cause for concern to many.

While some of these systems monitor traffic for attacks some are concerned they can be a privacy risk themselves. These very same monitoring systems have access to user information and could be susceptible to manipulation by would be attackers. Many ask the question, are these measures truly keeping us safe? or are they providing future means for attacks to occur?


2 thoughts on “US government looks to form cybersecurity code of conduct

  1. This seems like an awful way to go about protecting people from botnets. More likely then not this would either get exploited itself or just end up an expensive failure. The better course would just to be simply educating the end user. If people know what botnets are and how they work then they’d be in a better position to protect themselves.

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