Windows 8 raises the bar on Security something to worry Linux users

We can say that most of Linux PC users have installed their operating system on a computer that has been pre installed with Windows. Moreover installing Linux over a pre installed windows PC is cheaper and more convenient regarding you might want to switch back one day.

However with Windows 8, the situation seems like it will change. A security feature in windows 8, might deem installing Linux over Windows 8 certified hardware impossible. A Red Hat developer Matthew Garett, has announced that it is not necessary to panic but it worths worrying.

“The problem” arises from the fact that Microsoft would like to use hardware based secure boot protocol called “Unified Extensive Firmware Interface(UEFI)”. This technology aims to supply protection against rootkits and low level attacks.

Garrett further explains UEFI keys as “If a manufacturer has installed a key into the machine, the only way for the code to be signed by this key, is to have the signing to be done by the manufacturer”. Several keys might be installed on a machine, but if you do not get the machine to sign double data, you can not achieve an installation.

Microsoft already announced that machines with Windows 8 logos will come with a feature called secure boot. Garrett guesses hat Windows on those machines will be signed by a Microsoft key signature. Linux and similar operating systems does not include any signature. Thus if the manufacturer does not have a certain intention to enable these operating systems the OEM and Microsoft signed machines will not operate a Linux general distribution.