The “Chinese” attack on Google

I decided this week to revisit a very interesting news story late January into early June of this year. Google was hit with a seemingly organized hack attempt. The hackers aimed for the email accounts of high end US Officials as well as political activists and journalists residing in China. The attack originated from China, but has not been officially linked with the government hacks that went on in 2009 and early 2010. Apparently both of the attacks originated from Jinan, China. What got me was the fact they went after high government officials from other countries as well as activists. The Chinese government declined any part in this latest attack, but Google didn’t rule out the possibility that the government was at it again.

The hackers once inside the account changed forwarding settings. Though it isn’t exactly clear what they were after it seems the hackers were trying to keep tabs on what information these people were passing around through email. In the world today not only does each person need to take responsibility and be aware on the internet, this attack shows that even government must be aware of what is going on. A break in high officials email accounts may lead to countless amounts of information winding up in the wrong hands. This coupled with the attacks of early 2010 send a clear message that it doesn’t matter who you are when you’re on the internet, if you’re not careful you are at danger. With the added danger of government hackers it changes the game up a bit. The most interesting part of the article was the type of attack. According to Google these passwords were gained by phishing. Though they may have been more thorough than most phishing scams it just goes to show that nine out of ten times its the user that hands over their password, proving we all need to think more about cyber security.


2 thoughts on “The “Chinese” attack on Google

  1. Hmmm? Leveraging technology to monitor your competitors’ communications, and find out what they are up to. Do you think our government has ever done anything like that to another country?

    • Exactly my point. Even though the Chinese government denied any involvement I am not entirely convinced because of the targets involved. Also goes to show that no one can be too safe on the internet, especially with government funded hackers who are leaps and bounds above your average joke/harassment hacker. I also think its weird that from what they released the attack seemed to originate from the same area as the ones in 2009-2010. Of course that’s just my opinion I don’t know for sure if they were involved or not.

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