Biometric Authentication Systems

Many companies are now looking for ways to leave behind the “password”. The problem with using passwords is human error. Many people usually just make really simple password that are easy for them to type and or remember. Many times it not just simple passwords but rather some employees are willing to trust anyone with their password. This leaves a huge security risk for companies because many of their employees have access to sensitive information and if their account is compromised then there will be problems.

Biometric security systems fix many of the problems with passwords. Biometrics provides faster access to secure documents which in the end leaves employees happy. It also prevents people from letting others know their password because you can’t really lend a finger or eyeball. Biometrics is improving and now offers things like USB finger print scanners which allow users to easily access their account form multiple systems. They are also developing Biometrics for mobile platforms which will give users even more ways to access their accounts. Biometrics still has security risks but it is much more secure than passwords.


4 thoughts on “Biometric Authentication Systems

  1. It may be too early to say, but as a cynical thinker I think we’ll someday develop a “lock pick” for bio-metric readers. Just some food for thought, what if bio-metric readers get popular enough to give someone the motivation to develop an algorithm to crack fingerprints. Much like decryption works but for skin line patterns. It’s not impossible. The more popular something gets the bigger the target behind it.

  2. I might be totally wrong about this, but I have heard that biometric scanners (fingerprint scanners) have a pretty short lifespan. This might just be from cheap laptop scanners, but does anyone know the expected lifespan of these things?

  3. For some people it might be a good idea to use a biometric authentication system instead of an actual physical password, because it may be more convenient and easier for them to use and remember. However, in most cases it is just as easy to steal someone’s digital fingerprint password than to steal their actual physical password that we all use now. I believe that whether we decide to use a biometric authentication system will be based on personal preference.

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