Facebook’s New Features

With new modifications implemented on facebook, and without proper changes to some privacy settings, your friends can see your current activities such as what game your  playing, websites or articles that you are currently visiting, and even what music or song that you are listening to without your consent to share this information. With all of these new ‘real time’ apps on facebook, it brings up the common question “where is the line  drawn that the information being broadcasted is getting too personal”.

Another new feature that will be added onto facebook is a timeline feature. It has already been documented that this timeline could pose to be a “gold mine” for harvesting information about people. The information would be displayed in chronological order, and could potentially increase the risk of the user being “cyber-stalked”. The information provided in the timeline could also help a criminal steal your passwords, since most users generally use personal information as their credentials.

Overall, I think that the new modifications on facebook will take some ‘getting used to’. It is becoming more of a controversy whether the information outputted on the website, knowing or unknowing to the user is being displayed is a privacy concern.




4 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Features

  1. In my opinion it’s just a matter of time before shi*t hits the fan. It seems the world is less worried about privacy on a daily basis and I just don’t trust people. Cyber stalkers is one thing, but much like pedophiles, when is simply stalking enough? I’m not a father just yet, but if and when I am, I don’t feel comfortable raising my kids in such an insecure digital environment. Facebook thrives on publicizing peoples business and we eat it up like bacon.

  2. Yea, I agree. I thought this article was interesting because with so many people having a fit about their personal information not being protected enough, or the fact that facebook is selling their information to advertisers. They still continually input their personal information on facebook’s website.

    I think with these new modifications like this, people will be uploading more information on facebook, in disregard that it could potentially be viewable to anyone. What ever happened to the term if it’s on the internet, it’s free game for the rest of the world to see..

  3. I do believe that sooner or later this will be an issue but the current user population won’t care until the problem is visible and apparent. I posted a few articles on my facebook wall in attempt to inform my friends of the vast amount of security holes in facebook. Much to my surprise, nobody really cared. I got 0 comments on the post and no one has even mentioned to me that they read these articles. Like w4jiro said its only a matter of time before sh*t hits the fan, and when this time comes the users who ignored all of these articles will be the ones suffering

  4. True – true and true! The current population will not care until it hits them in the face like a brick. Then they will check the security options and go back to thinking their info is as safe as can be. The thing is – it’s all about money. As long as someone (Facebook) can make money from selling your personal information guess what…they are going to sell it. So maybe that info is hidden on the surface, and maybe Facebook protects it sufficiently…but do the people they sell it too? Or how about the people that they sell it to…or the next people that buy it from them and so on…once info is out there it is out there. I assure you that People have always looked at me like I was from some other planet when I tell them I am not on Facebook or Twitter or MySpace….. Well this is why. I might be weird but I don’t want everyone knowing what I am doing all the time…trust me my life is boring…you don’t want to know what I do- well not unless you’re looking to steal from me. I most certainly don’t want to be targeted for advertising! How sad would it be to look over to the side of the webpage and see ads for hair club for men – weight loss pills- Viagra and stretch band underwear…my first thought would be “Is this who I am to the world?” To each their own, so no insult to those of you that use these things but me…well I’m fine not knowing how Madison Avenue defines my life.

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