Facebook cookie vulnerability

A recent Facebook vulnerability revealed that Facebook could track websites that users visit after logging out. However, this is only for websites that integrate with Facebook. This is due to how the website uses cookies. A web cookie stores information on the client computer for when the user returns back to the website. Storing login information and user preferences are some common uses for web cookies.

Apparently Facebook has been aware of the issue for over an year but has failed to acknowledge it till it was widely reported. The article continues to reports that Facebook wants to maintain use of this feature for safety and spam. Its suggested that users clear their cookies in the web browser or use a separate browser for Facebook for additional security.

Its also reported that Facebook hasn’t been using this information but its something to be aware of. What are your thoughts about the amount of information Facebook has on individuals? It seems like Facebook is using this to protect users but should they really be doing this? The article mentions how other websites also do this however, I think because of the amount of information Facebook already has on its users, and its past with mishandling information, it raises some important questions.

Read the article here- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15091674