Facebook security: An oxymoron?

Facebook has been under-fire for some time now for their alleged “data-mining” procedures.  They have recently had more attention brought against them by two lawmakers over their tracking technology. They are calling for a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation. The issue came up when an Australian blogger noticed that even while logged out of the sites, Facebook may be continuing to monitor the online activities of the end-user.

The Data Production Commissioner’s Office as already planning on auditing Facebook, ever before an European group brought to light the ability for people to request information that Facebook stores about them. They also show on their website just how to request and receive the information.  These recent findings and reporting has since accelerated the commission’s audit on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Facebook security: An oxymoron?

  1. That’s good to hear that some actions is being taken for them data mining. I don’t believe it is right for facebook to track peoples browsing while not viewing their website. It draws a close to the line with it being a violation of privacy.

  2. Yeah, it is. Seems like Facebook is continuously trying to cross that line further and further to see what they can get away with.

  3. It’s always scary to know just how much information a company like facebook has on you. While I feel that people already put more information on facebook than they would like facebook or strangers to know about them, the information they have on use should not extend more than what we already give the.

    I really hope facebook does stop the monitoring of their users when they’re not on their site.

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