3D Printers used for Skimming

Criminals are getting more sophisticated with ATM skimmers. A skimming gang recently stole more than $400,000 using ATM skimmers made with a 3D printer. Up until this point, skimmers were usually made by hand and carefully modeled to blend in with the ATM. Last year, a 3D printing company denied an order to print an ATM skimmer, while back in June, four men were indicted whom authorities said had reinvested their “profits” from skimming into a 3D printer.

Franky De Schouwer, from a leading 3D printer manufacturer, says a high quality 3D printer can cost as much as $20,000. He also said that 3D printers would be able to “print a high quality skimming device that, including some post finishing, will look like the real thing.”

A possible solution to counter these new skimmers made with 3D printers is to use security seals near the card reader on the ATM. Criminals would have a hard time replicating these seals, but the downside is that customers may not know the difference between a real and a fake seal.