AT&T knows where you’ve been.

Do you remember where you were last night? How about a week ago? Your telecommunications company does, and they are rarely shy about giving that information away to big brother; or worse, black-hatted hackers.

Companies like Verizon or AT&T hold on to the location data of every cellular phone on their network for at least a year; and that’s not all they retain, Virgin Mobile holds on to every text message for up to 90 days!
If you’re still wondering what all of this has to do with security, I remind you of the critical breach of information in Sony’s Playstation Network a few months back, in which the personal data, including full names and credit card numbers, of up to 70 million users was compromised. To think that this sort of data leak could never happen to a telecommunications company is foolish, and if your cellular records are breached, you stand to lose much more than a credit card.



One thought on “AT&T knows where you’ve been.

  1. Makes me wonder what i might have said in the past 90 days over a text message. It really bothers me that they store this information and i’m sure many other people feel the same way. I’m surprised companies don’t stop doing this and use it as a way to better compete against the companies that do. If you put that information in a commercial and said your company doesn’t do it i think that could help with sales possibly.

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