Biometric Security

Biometric security is really useful in the world of today. Securing passwords are easier than ever, and the methods of accessing personal information are much more secure. With the swipe of a finger or scan of a face, a user is able to log into online bank accounts and gain access to email accounts.

Biometric security is one of the oldest forms of security, and now days it’s becoming more popular. Many businesses today incorporate the use of biometrics and many consumer electronics today are equipped with biometric sensors. According to the article, there is an expected growth for mobile phone embedded biometric security solutions.  To be more specific, an increase from four million to 39 million users by 2015.

This could bring positives and negatives. Sure, it could keep data safe from hackers or prevent unauthorized entry to accounts, but it could cause hackers to become more advanced. Not that hackers are not already becoming more advanced.

For example, hackers might have no choice, but to try and gain possession of another person’s fingerprint.  It might be ok if someone found out another person’s password, but if a fingerprint was to be stolen then that would be bad.