Can model airplanes be used for terrorism?

The article I have read this week discussed how model airplanes may now be used as a method for a terrorist attack. For example, a muslim man named  Rezwan Ferdaus from Boston was recently arrested and charged with planning a terrorist attack on the Pentagon and the nation’s capital. He was planning to use a remote-controlled airplane filled with plastic explosives commit these attacks. This would have caused a tremendous amount of damage to the Pentagon and capital, but luckily the FBI was able to track him down before he even was able to purchase the explosives.  The odd thing about the remote -controlled airplane, was that it was actually a  military-yet replica capable of traveling high speeds around 100 mph. As part of the attack, the airplane was also equipped with a GPS device. However, as Rezwan Ferdaus was making a transaction to buy the C-4 explosives he was captured by the FBI, who were disguised as al-Qaeda members. Also, several counterterrorism experts analyzed this specific attack and came to the conclusion that this model airplane would not have the power to cause a ton of harsh damage to the Pentagon. The aircraft was not big enough to carry enough explosives that could cause a major attack, and also the airplane would be very hard to fly, which would make it nearly impossible for it to cause a big enough explosion to pose as a real dangerous threat. They also concluded that the only chance the airplane had of causing extensive damage would be for it to actually have physical contact with a window on the Pentagon, because the building is already hardened and pretty secure from most types of explosive attacks. The only thing that can really be done to prevent another attack like this one, would be to monitor who is buying and selling these specific model airplanes. In my opinion, it is kind of scary to think that even model airplanes may be used to launch terrorist attacks. Now we really don’t know what terrorist will use to attack this country and it make you have sense of fear as of what may come in the future.


2 thoughts on “Can model airplanes be used for terrorism?

  1. Interesting article. Its sad but these desperate fools are trying to think of any way possible to harm people. Luckily he was captured.

  2. Yes this is very sad, and also this individual seems pathetic if he is going to go out of his way to try and attack the Pentagon. This article also shows that he lacked common sense, because he didn’t really put in much thought or effort into planning this attack since he was easily tricked and captured by the FBI before he even purchased any types of explosives. It was very good though that he was quickly caught before he could cause any damage.

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