Hacking and the Law

Finding out more and more about cyber security started to make me curious, what are the laws and penalties regarding hackers? After doing a little research I found that the penalties for hacking depend on what the hacker intentions were. If they are caught trying to cause harm, to steal money or identities, or to simply test their skills, one can expect different penalties for each of these, jail time is certainly a possibility in some of these cases. In the case that a hacker is sent to prison their sentences can range from one to ten years.

Federal rules now mandate that a person who uses computers to cause death or bodily harm can get the maximum sentence. Said to be aimed primarily at cyber-terrorists, and not at “teen hackers”, the harsh sentences are reserved for those who bring down power grids or airport control centers.

Under the new guidelines hackers will face a 25 percent increase in their sentences if they steal personal information, and a 50 percent increase if they share the stolen information. If the information is posted on the Internet, their sentences can double.

Those who write and distribute viruses and worms will face a 50 percent increase in their sentence. A double penalty will also apply to those who break into government, military, or computers tied into the power or telecommunications grids.

Breaking into a bank account will provide a penalty based upon the amount of money in the account. If the hacker actually takes the money, the judges can tack on a 50 percent increase.

info obtained from: http://www.esecurityguy.com/hacker_laws


2 thoughts on “Hacking and the Law

  1. I this a very interesting topic to discuss and to write about because who would have though when he first people were building the very first computer that people would be able to use it for illegal and illicit activities and would have to start to make laws a guideline for it. In many counties today there still is a very unstructured system of laws in placed based on using the computer for illegal activities there for when someone in another country uses the World Wide Web to hack and steal information from a computer or network in another country, it may be hard to prosecute them for their actions. For this reason it is import that not only our government but the government of the other countries that are in fact connected by the world wide web to develop laws about hacking and illegal activities using the computers so that we can try to fight the war on cybercrime.

  2. i am totally in agreement with the new law hackers need to know that there are consequences and mandating a steep law is the first step in fighting cyber attacks now they just needs to be a few good arrest of prominent hackers so they can be made an example out of.

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