Office printer sending malicious emails?

Printers are obviously an important part of most offices, and lots of times we don’t really think of a printer as more than a printer. Why would we consider it a security threat, it just prints paper? Well the fact is there are many attacks that involve network printers. Some of the more recent printers are specifically a problem. Office printers are now being built with a scan to email feature. When a paper is scanned the copy of that paper gets received through email. Attackers are taking advantage of this by sending emails that look as if they are from the printers containing an attachment the same way the normal printers send the file. The difference is these attackers are sending a ZIP file containing an exe file inside. This is an example Symantec has on there website:

This exe is usually hidden by an icon of a word document or something similar. This exe when executed installs malware on the system. The best way to prevent this is to try to filter out these emails, and educate employees about the possible threat. When receiving a ZIP file as an attachment, no matter who the sender you should take caution.

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