hacked has been hacked and is in fact infecting millions of computers as we speak. “The website is injected with a script that generates an iFrame that redirects visitors to where a BlackHole exploit pack is hosted”. This virus infects the users browsing platform and upon successful exploitation installs a piece of malware into the visitors machine without their knowledge. Experts are still trying to figure out how to solve the problem but are struggling with only 9 percent of the AV solutions used by VirusTotal block it. Experts believe that the site has been compromised via Java Script malware that “infects a website through a compromised desktop(with virus), where it steals any stored passwords from the ftp client and uses that to attack the site.” Researchers add that they have seen an increase in the activity of selling root passwords to some of mysql.coms servers for $3,000 a piece. With all of this said we can see that there is a huge underground market for hackers. This leads me to believe that hacking in general for the bad side would perhaps make hacking very profitable and worth the risk especially if hackers are in countries with minimal hacking laws. Not to mention that all of these computers infected can act as zombies for attackers and possibly DDOS a system if programmed to.