Pastebin – A source for leaked information in the world

Hackers have used the website, Pastebin, to post information about the JP Morgan Chase CEO, James Dimons. The hackers, “CabinCr3w” were able to post information about James Dimon’s addresses, family, business connection, political contributions and legal information.

These hackers have also been responsible for posting the personal information of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and of Anthony Bologna, the New York Police Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna.

This is a concern to all Americans because this information was posted to the whole world, and with this information it is unknown what someone could do with this information, and what they may be capable of doing because of someone that may have a problem with that individual would do.

There have already been numerous protests already where the demonstrators are protesting a US financial system that they claim favors the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. These protests which began about two weeks ago, and have already attracted thousands of participants and garnered the support of Noam Chomsky, and students and organized labor groups.

The major concern is that hackers are now using public websites to be able to get mass amounts of information to hundreds of thousands of people at one time, being about to get many people to believe the ideas and theories of an individual or group which can allow, a group or individual to manipulate people into do things that they would not otherwise think or do. These websites should be a concern to all people and should be monitored for information that would harm or have a major impact on an individual.