Spam and Phishing Attacks

Everyone agrees that spam can be annoying. But with proper email spam filters, it’s pretty harmless, right? Wrong. Spam is increasingly harmful. Spam disrupts business, taking resources away from productive activities. Spam also leads to phishing attacks, where unsuspecting individuals are tricked into divulging sensitive or personal information. Spammers then use the information to steal identities and cause financial losses. And as anti-spam software becomes more efficient, spammers simply change their techniques to avoid blocks, continuing their unlawful activities.

Spyware is the third major emerging cyber-security threat, disrupting the availability and confidentiality of businesses and federal government information systems Hackers can remotely install spyware on thousands of personal computers simultaneously, using them to capture sensitive data or slow down entire systems.

Other emerging cyber-security threats include the blending of spam, phishing and spyware into new tools that are more difficult to detect and prevent, as well as new methods of using technology to unleash worms, viruses and malware that interrupt business and threaten privacy and sensitive data.


2 thoughts on “Spam and Phishing Attacks

  1. I can personally say that these spam and phishing attacks are absolutely true. My Hotmail account gets about 15 spam/phishing messages a day. About 90% of the received messages look obviously fake, but some of the messages look extremely realistic. All of these, naturally, ask for my general information (age, gender, address, phone number, SSN, etc.), credit card information, or account information. So every day I have to check to make sure I am not sending, basically, my identity to a phisher. I am just worried about the day that I DO give away my identity by accident…

  2. The threat of phishing is a very important one that comes up very frequently in the current age of computers. It is not limited only to email, but mobile text messages as well. It is not unheard of for people to receive text messages asking for personal information. While I know of the dangers, I do worry that it may one day slip my mind and that I may fall prey to a phishing attack.

    An interesting thing I’ve also noticed is that phishing extends to other social sites. I remember my little brother getting multiple messages on his neopets and gaia accounts.

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