iPhone 5 emails infecting windows pc.

Hackers have been using the hype surrounding the iPhone 5. Emails have been sent out that give supposed information about an iPhone 5GS. These emails actually contain malware that has been infecting windows based PCs.

This type of attack preys on the natural human curiosity, that is boosted to new levels when presented with something new and exciting that they just “must” learn about. To make this threat worse yet, the emails look very legitimate. They look as if they came right off the Apple website. However the silver lining is that the virus in the emails is one that most anti-Virus programs will be able to handle with little problem.

moral of the story, watch what emails you open.

full story here : http://technolog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/10/03/8120964-beware-iphone-5-emails-infecting-windows-pcs


3 thoughts on “iPhone 5 emails infecting windows pc.

  1. That’s a pretty fancy e-mail. I’m glad I’m so suspicious of things like that. Plus, I dislike iPhones, so I wouldn’t open the e-mail anyway.

  2. I feel like people are very naive to the posibility of these attacks and for the most part have accepted that the e-mails they recieve from companies that look like Apple are just typical advertising e-mails that they can look through and what not. However I believe people should always be on the look out for spammming type threats like this although it was stated that anti-virus software picks up on it rather quickly.

  3. Even though it looks really legit, I would have been suspicious just looking at it. A picture of a transparent IPhone would have been on the news and or technology websites rather than just through an email advertisement.

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