Intel Project – Homes that Adapt To Home Owners

Intel is developing a system where homes can monitor, and learn daily routines about the individuals living there. This system would monitor, and adapt to common tasks that the individuals perform to help make them easier.

One app that is already being developed is called the “Family Coordination” app, which recognizes certain activities such as alarm clock setting and time managing. For example, if you had already packed your lunch for tomorrow, the system would prompt you an extra 10 minutes to sleep in. Another function that it adapts to is cooking. It could recognize ways how you prepare food.

With adapting to your daily tasks, the system could help remind about forgoten items. Such as, if you forget your bag when leaving, the system would notify you “Don’t you have your backpack on weekdays?”.

I think this is a really cool idea and would be beneficial for us in the future. Although it could provide a goldmine to hackers about your personal information.  and it seems like a computer stalking you, it would be neat to see once Intel releases it.


3 thoughts on “Intel Project – Homes that Adapt To Home Owners

  1. If exploited, this system could potentially reveal your exact daily schedules, making it incredibly easy for a burglar to pop in while you’re not home and make off with all of your valuables. Also, depending on if it was integrated with other household systems, it could pose a larger threat.

    “Open the garage doors HAL”
    “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

    • I’d have to agree although the system seams very neat hackers are always goin to have the edge over information security and devlop an exploit for this system. In doing so they could potentialy aquire what times you are and aren’t home and it might actualy make your house less secure. I’m sure there is also an integrated security system or something to that effect, but I also believe that would be tampered with if a hacker exploited your system.

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