Anonymous and HBGary

In February of this year, HBGary announced a new tool called “Razor” to fight off malicious attacks. This specialized tool plugs into corporate networks which scans for various types of malicious code. If Razor finds malicious code, it “detonates” it in a virtual machine, and performs low-levels of tracing on the origin of the code. This would help to suggest the presence of malware inside the company.

HBGary was to set up a booth an RSA booth to show off what Razor can do. However, when they returned the next morning they found a note left on their booth from Anonymous. This led them to believe that they were now physically being threatened and stalked, and not just cyber-stalked.

The anonymous group of hackers previously had hacker into HBGary’s Federal website and unleashed an SQL injection in their content management system and was able to crack and change the passwords of its employees, effectively locking them out of their own accounts. From their they were able to get into HBGary Inc.’s website and recovery the email spool of Greg Hoglund, and threatening to release that information which would cause millions of dollars of damage to the company. All this because HBGary reported they would release a list of alleged participants of Anonymous.

Greg Hoglund logged into an Anonymous IRC chatroom and the following is a brief except from the conversation with them and some Anonymous members:

“<+greg> so you got my email spool too then

<&Sabu> yes greg.

<@`k> greg we got everything

<+Agamemnon> Greg, I’m curious to know if you understand what we are about? Do you understand why we do what we do?

<+greg> you realize that releasing my email spool will cause millions in damages to HBGary?

<@`k> yes <+c0s> greg: another reason its not out yet.

<+Agamemnon> yes we do greg

<@`k> greg is will be end of you 🙂 and your company”

HBGary had withdrawn from the RSA presentation over personal safety concerns, and it appears the attacks from Anonymous against HBGary are not completely over yet. “They’re in it for the laughs… this is a real funny game for them.” said a spokesman for HBGary.


3 thoughts on “Anonymous and HBGary

  1. If I remember correctly, Anon said they attacked HB Gary because of someone who worked for them named Aaron Barr. Still doesn’t validate what they did, but it seemed like they were toying with Greg and Barr was the real problem.

  2. HBGary had an alleged list of some of the “members” in Anonymous. They were going to publish that list. That instigated the Anonymous attacks.

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