Computer virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet

US Military drones have been infected with a keylogger that logs all keystrokes as they fly missions in Afghanistan.

Noah Shachtman writes: “We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back,” says a source familiar with the network infection, one of three that told Danger Room about the virus. “We think it’s benign. But we just don’t know.”

“Military network security specialists aren’t sure whether the virus and its so-called “keylogger” payload were introduced intentionally or by accident; it may be a common piece of malware that just happened to make its way into these sensitive networks. The specialists don’t know exactly how far the virus has spread. But they’re sure that the infection has hit both classified and unclassified machines at Creech. That raises the possibility, at least, that secret data may have been captured by the keylogger, and then transmitted over the public internet to someone outside the military chain of command.”



3 thoughts on “Computer virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet

  1. This is a really serious problem, even if it was done by accident. This shows potential security weaknesses in out military’s network system. Terrorism in this fashion could prove to do far more damage terrorists may otherwise do.

  2. You would think that with the billions of dollars that the US spends on defense each year that these small mistakes still happen. Even if this is a hack, I’m very surprised that anyone is capable of even bypassing the militaries security.

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