More people are now being hacked on Facebook

The article I chose to write my blog about for this week dealt with the issue that in today’s society more and more people are now being hacked through Facebook and other social media websites. For example, most teenagers have had their Facebook accounts hacked by their close friends, while they left their account logged on when they were away from the computer. Most of the time other teenagers will hack other people’s account either because they think that it will be comical or it will embarrass the owner of that particular account. Also, often times these attacks will seem like a joke or prank, but sometimes they will actually hurt the victims feelings. This article also ties into the concept of knowing who you should trust will important information, such as your password. Moreover, many times people will be very trusting towards other people and will actually willingly hand over their passwords to someone else. This is very scary, because in the world we live in now there are several very vulnerable individuals that will not think twice before they give a way key information about themselves that can potentially be used against them.  On the same note, several people have also gotten hacked through their Facebook account email and have been victimized that way as well. For example, it is very easy for a hacker to obtain your email address from your Facebook profile, and then they would only have to find a way to be able to get your password to cause extensive damage.  Finding out another person’s password also isn’t very hard, because there are several password cracking programs that people can use right off the internet. In my opinion, I believe that Facebook should have more privacy and security settings that will protect its user’s emails from being attacked and hacked into. Also, I think that a good way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Facebook is to create a strong password, and more importantly you should never give your password out to any other individual, because you never know who you can and cannot trust.


2 thoughts on “More people are now being hacked on Facebook

  1. Facebook has become the main playground of internet relatively more dangers are encountered. I personally don’t believe that Facebook would integrate more security to please a small percentage of aware customers and aggravate the unaware majority.

  2. Yes, i can definitely agree with you that Facebook will probably not want to change the security settings for all of its users, even though i think i would be beneficial. Also, i believe that if you are unaware and oblivious to who you are actually taking to on Facebook then you will probably become a victim to internet predators. It is important that while engaging in social interactions on social media websites such as Facebook that we are careful not to reveal any very personal or private information to anyone to ensure are personal safety and well being.

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