There is no longer a need to hide your kids and your wife

Are you worried about a rapist climbin’ in your windows and snatching your people up? Well worry no longer, this article lists several phone apps that can keep those “really dumb” rapists away (“fo real”).

The first app listed is the “BullGaurd Mobile Security” app. This app enables parents to monitor their child’s internet activity, track where they are, and provide anti-virus protection for their phones. This can be extremely beneficial for parents because they can also blacklist any unwanted contacts and websites from the phone. And if the child happens to lose his/her phone, the guardian will be able to remotely lock and wipe out the device data; the data is also stored on a server, so the parent can still recover all the contacts onto a new phone.

The second app is called “Glympse” and is basically a shared calendar between multiple phones. This is useful for families because all the family can coordinate drop-off,pick-up, and meet-up times and locations easily. This app also shows the GPS location for each member of the group, so the parents can make sure their child successfully got to school or wherever safely.

The last app sponsored by Fox is “iChildAlert”. This app is just a back up plan in case a child is to go missing. Before the child goes missing, a parent can enter an up-to-date picture of their kid and all the information about him/her. Then, when the child goes missing, the parents can conveniently use this app to send this information to the police, neighbors, and social networks. Using this app ahead of time will also allow the parent to create an iChildAlert Poster to print out (which can be physically posted around the city). Whats also interesting is that this app can also store the kid’s fingerprints and dental x-rays for more information for the police.

With these apps, even Antoine Dodson can feel safe in Lincoln Park. But in all seriousness, these apps can really protect a child and other family members. It’s these kinds of apps that will save hundreds of lives in the future.