IPs and UFOs

What does an IP address have to do with UFOs?

Well, a 42 year old self-taught British IT expert is facing 60 years in prison because his IP address was found after he supposedly made the ‘biggest military computer hack of all time’.  Gary McKinnon, a UFO enthusiast was arrested in 2002, for hacking into the US government’s computer systems. It was such an ease to hack into the systems that he ‘got sloppy’ and went into places directly rather than going through systems. This caused NASA to track back his IP address and so on…

McKinnon, a UFO enthusiast at the time was searching for any information that was associated with extra-terrestrial findings and to his surprise came across many things. He got a hold of top secret images and documents, and one document claimed that the
agency has to airbrush UFOs out of satellite photos because ‘there are so many of them’. I found this very surprising because I thought UFO findings are rare.

The government’s security systems have failed to protect its data, and have caused confidential data to be leaked out into the public. But, I always wonder why the US government would hide this type of information. Also, why does this UFO enthusiast have to go to prison for so long. I could see that if he gained information for money, then I would understand, but he just wanted to know more about UFO findings. Also, McKinnon thinks that he is facing 60 years because the government is scared of what he has seen. Since this was back in 2002, the US government should have made some improvements in computer security by now. But, with the recent virus hitting the military’s predator drone, it makes me wonder if computer security is a top priority for the government.

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Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jul/27/internationalcrime.hacking


4 thoughts on “IPs and UFOs

  1. I feel bad for the guy but when I read your blog I found the whole thing quite humorous. 60 years is an ungodly long time and not the punishment that should be being given. At most I would have given the guy 5 years for breaking into government security and looking at confidential files. Like you said, its not like he was committing treason or anything serious like that.

  2. I remember when this happened to Gary McKinnon and followed the story fairly close. I’ve always been into the ufo scene and this story was really interesting. He even found names of astronaut’s that were part of the secret astronaut core. The methods he used to do it though were far from hacking! He is definitely getting treated unfairly.

    • I know right? If the government is serious about protecting information like that, they should be more serious on their security. But, I guess every security system is not 100% secure.
      Secret astronaut core??? This reminds me of the movie Apollo 18. Do you think the people should have the right to know at least some of the information? Like UFOs and stuff? I kinda think so.
      And yes, 60 years is ridiculous.

  3. Yea, 60 years does seem like a long time for his crime. Maybe the government was using him as an example that any type of hacking on their systems would be punished to the fullest extent..

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