Why report a cyber crime?

Companies that become victims of cyber crimes sometimes question if they should report it. They figure they will try to increase there security and keep law enforcement out of it. They do this for a number of reasons, for example they question if the information being publicly known will be bad for business. Also some companies worry that company secrets may be leaked by law enforcement, especially if a case goes to trial. But the truth is the help of law enforcement might be worth the risk. Law enforcement has spent a good amount of time working with cybercrimes now, and they understand the necessary secrecy inside the company, and will try to work with companies to be get the job done while being discreet. Nancy Gohring from IDG News Service reported on on Networkworld saying:

Aravind Swaminathan, assistant U.S. attorney in the Western District of Washington, took pains to describe the lengths to which his office goes to be sensitive to the needs of companies that report crimes. He spoke during a cybercrime conference at the University of Washington School of Law on Friday.

“Everybody’s worried that their trade secret will end up on the front page of the paper,” he said. “Trade-secret cases are hard, but work with us. We aren’t obtuse. We know that’s the stock and trade of your business.”

The law enforcement will try there best not to cause problems for the company, and if the company doesn’t seek there help they could run into even more serious problems. If information that a cyber crime happened and was not reported to the police, the company could end up being sued in the future. Also if an attack is taking place the company employees might not have the experience and knowledge to correctly fend off a cyber attack. Law enforcement in the cyber crimes field will most likely have the knowledge to assist with this and recommend ways to tighten up security as well as analyzing what the most probable next target would be.

On a more personal computing note. Its not only important for large organizations to report cyber crimes. Even simple home office cyber crimes should be reported. Theres no guarantee they will get the same attention from law enforcement as a coperate attack, and there may not be as much reason for you to report it. But the fact is a crime still took place and the police should be notified. If nobody reported cyber crimes then hackers would have nothing to be afraid of, and internet security problems would increase. So do your part in keeping the internet safe.

3 thoughts on “Why report a cyber crime?

  1. No one (or organization) wants to be the first to admit they’ve had a problem. But as word gets out that these organizations (law enforcement) can help, I am sure that they will see more business in cyber crime investigation.
    The question is will there be enough qualified people to handle these cases? Also, what type of qualifications do you think are need to get a job in the Information Security and Forensics field?

    • Every employer will have there own requirements for the security and forensics field most likely. So I think it really depends who your working for. Personally I think the qualifications should be based on knowledge, but its hard to tell how much someone knows when your trying to higher them. Just because someone has a college degree for information security doesn’t always mean they know everything they need to for the job. But hopefully these organizations are getting knowledgeable people to start fixing some of these security problems.

  2. Yes, I agree that it will be tough to quantify someone’s qualifications in this burgeoning field. If you consider how long software programmers have been around (and that they do not have a certification standard), you realize that it will probably be a long time before there are standards for the security community.
    Also, I think that fixing the security problems on the back end is kind of too late. I have not been in this field for very long, but I am starting to hear more about incorporating security into the design phase of large products. That is a sign of progress.

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