Weak Internet security


There has been a security breach In terms of Internet web security and mobile carriers. Karsten Nohl managed to infiltrate many different mobile Carriers web data networks in different places in Europe and was able to do so with an outdated motorola cell phone.

He even found out that some companies such as TIM do not secure their data networks at all. He provided the information to carriers to boost their security.


2 thoughts on “Weak Internet security

  1. Mobile computing has really blown up in the past few years with smart phones and tablets being the next big fad. I imagine that when mobile companies were first tweaking their web security features they didn’t anticipate the vast amount of users that would be using and trying to exploit their service. It sounds like mobile companies are lacking in security because of this and it will take some time through trial and error for these companies to catch up. Like you mentioned, Nohl used a old piece of technology to exploit their system; these loopholes were unseen/unpredicted by mobile providers.

  2. That is the problem, most mobile providers havent seen their networks as being vulnerable to attacks and therefore havent taken any steps to fortify or protect their networks. I believe this to be a backwards approach since they are basically waiting to be attacked to then implement some kind of stronger security. I dont see why they cant protect the network well before hand.

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